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NMusic Everywhere
NMusic developed a unique and revolutionary multiplatform system that offers all content on computer (MAC OS, Windows and Linux), smartphone, tablet (NMusic player is available for IOS, Android and Windows Mobile 7) and television with a single account. NMusic is proud to have been the first triple-play music service in the world.
NMusic Anytime
With offline mode, music is always available, even without an internet connection! No data traffic or roaming expenses are required to listen to music, no matter the region or country.
By using a unique automatic cache system, without any album, track or playlist saved to offline mode, the play queued history will be available to listen regardless of the internet signal. It is possible to download music to use on other devices (e.g. MP3 players) through NMusic's à la carte solution.
NMusic for Everybody
NMusic offers a catalogue with 15 million tracks always available everywhere. All content is easily searchable and organized by genre and categories. The platform allows artists to upload content to which they own legal rights for, and, with NMusic's Label support, can be represented and delivered worldwide. Artists under the NMusic Label can be promoted in above the line campaigns or other strategic plans discussed on an individual basis with all performers.
NMusic +
NMusic developed a product that is much more than just a music player. It offers a global audiovisual experience with video clips, lyrics, karaoke, a new radio experience, a cultural agenda and other features that are in progress and will be presented during 2012.
NMusic, the revolution is here.