Lisa Darsch


Lisa Darsch serves as a strategic advisor to the MedTech Advisory board of Pathena.  She specializes in assisting investments in the MedTech space with their product analysis in the market place.  She provides individualized insights and assessments into healthcare reimbursement in the US, strategic market penetration strategies for the US, as well as process guidance for navigating the regulatory fields in the US.

Her areas of specialization include MedTech, Biopharma, healthcare finance, and US medical providers and insurers. With 28 years of experience in the healthcare field, including regulatory, finance, and clinical care, Lisa assists investments with creating go-to-market strategies for their product or service.  

Her European awareness, coupled with her US experience provide a unique capacity for working on due diligence white papers, and her enthusiasm and creative presentation styles allow strong positioning papers for investors and other strategic planning initiatives. Utilizing a series of data base analysts, and US advisors within the government entities, Lisa provides unique, customized reports on performance in areas such as expected reimbursement methodologies under Medicare in the inpatient and outpatient arena in the US, quality initiatives that would cause the product or service to be more desired, and access to unique market opportunities such as the Veterans administration and wounded warrior projects in the US.

Lisa’s achievements include working with VC-backed MedTech and BioPharma firms in Europe with US growth aspirations. She continues to practice nursing to maintain a current awareness of tends and practices in the clinical side of US Healthcare.  She participates in mission trips to areas such as the Amazon, Zambia and other areas as needed for disaster relief and support.