Jaume Aubia i Marimon


Spanish citizenship. Doctor and PhD in Medicine at Barcelona University Nephrologist, Former Director of Dialysis Unit at Hospital del Mar, Professor at the Autonoma University of Barcelona & Coordinator in Research Institute of Medicine in Barcelona-PRB (IMIM) Bone and Mineral Metabolism Research Group.(has published 140 research papers in scientific journals and books).

He has been Vicepresident of the Official Medical Association of Barcelona.

He has been also Human Resource and Budget Director of Spain’s Health Ministry. 2002-2004

Today he is CEO and President of the group of companies belonging to the Medical Association; he is also a private entrepreneur. 

-       President of HealthEquity (risk capital society)

-       President of Firmaprofesional, S.A. (digital certification)

-       President of Medicorasse, S.A.U. (insurance brokerage firm, ranked 4th in Spain)

-       Member of PIMEC’s Governing Board (PIMEC: Catalan Association of SME medium size companies) and other boards dealing with finance, food, and construction sectors.